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Over 25 years of experience working exclusively with cases of injury on the job

Throughout American freshwater bodies and shipping lanes, dredging vessels are a mainstay and essential part of maritime commerce and industry. Keeping waterways safely navigable is important work, and with that comes significant risk and hazards. As with any type of maritime work there is high risk of injury due to weather conditions, heavy equipment, and a lot of unpredictable factors. Your rights as a maritime crew or employee are covered under several bodies of law and you deserve to receive the full compensation under that law. Kevin A. Moore is skilled at representing injured workers seeking justice, call today for a free consultation.

Why Choose Kevin A. Moore?

Accidents, illnesses, and injuries are unfortunately common among dredge vessels, and large companies often hire aggressive lawyers to prevent workers from receiving fair compensation. It is critical that you consult an attorney who is experience in maritime law to fight for you in court. For over 25 years Kevin has focused his practice on representing injured and disabled workers, and has worked with countless seamen on their maritime cases for onshore or offshore injuries. Every client and every case is unique and the Firm works hard to ensure that victims of these accidents receive justice, care, and fair compensation for their injuries. Contact Kevin right away if you or a loved one have been injured as a dredge worker.

  • Back injury
  • Hip injury
  • Arm & Shoulder injury
  • Knee, Ankle, or Leg injury
  • Eyesight or Hearing loss
  • Hand injury
  • Crushing accident
  • Carelessness of Co-Employee
  • Machinery malfunction

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