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Some of the most common figures on American waterways are rivermen, also known as towboat workers. These types of workers are vital to safe and fluid travel for commercial vessels on our waters. Towboats are designed to tow or push other vessels that perform on rivers or inland waters rather than the open ocean, so rivermen are often assisting large supply boats, river dredges, casino boats, and barges. With busy waterways and high traffic, the dangers are numerous and accidents are unfortunately common. After an injury working as a riverman, you should consult an experienced maritime attorney in order to win full and fair compensation. Kevin A. Moore has worked extensively with on-the-job injury cases for over 25 years and is prepared to fight for your rights under maritime law.

Why Choose Kevin A. Moore?

The nature of towboat and rivermen work is inherently dangerous. Working with barges and large vessels can lead to dangerous obstacles, and accidents and injury are very common. Even old equipment and poor working conditions add to the risk factors and if you are injured due to this type of negligence, you deserve to have representation. For over 25 years Kevin has focused his practice on representing injured and disabled workers, and has worked with countless seamen on their maritime cases for onshore or offshore injuries. Every client and every case is unique and the Firm works hard to ensure that victims of these accidents receive justice, care, and fair compensation for their injuries. Contact Kevin right away if you or a loved one have been injured as a riverman.

  • Human error
  • Insufficient crew training
  • Inadequate or worn equipment
  • Vessel collisions
  • Dock collision
  • Boarding/Departure accidents
  • Slippery conditions or Slip and Fall
  • Tow line or Winch accidents
  • Vessel detachment accidents
  • Co-employee oversight or negligence

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